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Castle in Time (2015)

“Full of enthusiasm and talent”

Ben Shalev, Haaretz

"Ingenious is felt in the composition and orchestration"

Aviya Farchi, Maco

“A very very very unique sound that I never heard before”

Elad Madan, Davar Rishon

"The people stood up and gathered around the main stage in masses... leaving the audience astonished and aware of an extraordinary spectacle. May there be many projects like these...”

Chadey Ozen Magazine


Combining performance, video, movement, and sound, the special concert was inspired by ׳The Sabbath’, the seminal 1951 work by Abraham Joshua Heschel. Heschel challenges modern human beings – religiously observant, secular and adherents of other faiths presenting the Sabbath as “a castle in time,” a cure for our fast-paced world. Shalev Ne’eman and conductor Matan Daskal’s engaging composition, a one-hour long journey which refers to the way that the performers and the audience perceive time when the emphasis is on the density of the packed schedule of the workweek vs the vacuum and attention of the seventh resting day.

Performed in the Israel festival, Mekudeshet Festival, TLV Jazz Festival, Indi Negev festival, Indie city festival, Sounds of the old city festival, Tslilim Bamidbar festival, CEME festival, Teder, Pecha Kucha Festival, Barby TLV, Beit Avi Chai, The old train station Jerusalem, Noga district TLV and at Naim Studio.

Art Directors: Matan Daskal & Shalev Neeman / CEO: Tal Donner / Conducting: Matan Daskal / Flute: Rachel Mazor / Oboe: Mariona Godia, Raphael Isaac Landzbaum / Clarinet: Noa Yaakov / Bassoon: Michael Roessler / French Horn: Ofer Etzioni, Tsviki Moran / Trumpet: Tal Avraham / Trombone: Maayan Milo, Bar Tal, Udi Raz / Drum Set: Roi Brum / Percussion and Drum Set: Shalev Neeman / Electric Guitar: Eden Nir, Maor Shvartzberg / Electric Bass: Nitai Marcus / Synths, orchestration and composition: Yonatan Daskal / Computer: Asaf Meidan / Harp: Tal Vaknin / Voice and composition: Daniel Krief, Anna Lann, Josef Laimon / Violin: Gili Rivkin, Nadav Fast, Michael Greilsammer, Yedidia Schwarz, Benedikt Bindewald, Chanan Levin, Daniel Zinn / Viola: Michal Berkovich / Electric Viola: Ran Shem Tov / Cello: Shani Bar, Mayu Shviro, Talia Erdal / Double bass: Michael Edwards / Stage management: Nadav Yarkoni / Sound technician in Pluto Studios: Omer Zussman / Sound technician in Beit Avi Chai: Nisim Sheizaf / Sound technician in Zappa Jerusalem Israel Festival: Eran Butbika /  Sound technician in the High Academy in Jerusalem Studio: Avi Elbaz / Recording editing: Shalev Neeman, Anna Lann, Asaf Meidan, Yonatan and Matan Daskal / Mastering: Yoram Vazan

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