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A Study on Effort (2015)

Choreographer: Bobbi Jene Smith

"יצירת מחול שנמתחת עד קצה גבול היכולת"

יעל אפרתי | טיים אאוט

A study on Effort is a research of how effort meets movement and sound. It consists of ten tasks that question physical, emotional and metaphoric efforts. The work attempts to reveal the pleasure and pervasiveness of effort, decoupling it from the concept of burden, and show how deeply connected effort is to our most basic desires.

Premiered in Israel Museum as part of MASH festival.

A study on effort

Creation and dance by Bobbi Jene Smith
Composer: Matan Daskal
Clarinet: Noa Yaakov
Cello: Shani Bar
Electronics: Daniel Grossman
Synthesizers: Yonatan Daskal
Vocals: Faye Shapiro, Chanan Ben Simon, and Ariel Cohen
Photography: Alex Apt
Video: Malu Zayon

A study on effort
A study on effort
A study on effort score
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