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The Most ( film version )

Choreographer: Tom Weinberger

"Weinberger and Daskal have a spectacular presence, and their performance is varied and full of depth, a surprising display of dance at its best whose ripples beat across the screen" (RAN BROWN, Haaretz)

"The use of sound and camera work are very true to the creation and layer it wisely"  (ORA BRAFMAN, Dance Talk)

A duet for a soundtrack consisting of excerpts from the philosopher and writer Alan Watts' lecture "Myth of Myself".
The performers move between illustrating Watts' various ideas by using their imagination to communicate universal themes. They are in constant dialogue with the musicality, sarcasm and flirtation that can be found in Watts' voice, sometimes illustrating them in their bodies and sometimes in their character while leaning on nuances of humor.

Choreographer and directorTom Weinberger

Dancers: Matan Daskal, Tom Weinberger

Took part in the creation process: Romi Cohen

Soundtrack design: Tom Weinberger, Matan Daskal


Hiroshi Yoshimura – dance pm, 

Gregg Kowalski-I-IV

Joseph Shabasson – Gymnopedie No.1

Matan Daskal - Drone #1

Rehearsal management: Melanie Berson

Artistic consultant: Ariel Cohen

Light design: Ofer Laufer
Camera directors: Tom Weinberger, Romi Cohen

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