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OTOTO (2018)

"תזמורת ארמון בזמן נראית כמו בעל חיים ענק, רב איברים ופתחי נשימה"
גתית גינת | הארץ

"הקשר בין הנגנים ודסקל היה כל כך הדוק, עד שניתן היה לדמיין אותו שולח אותם לרחף מעל הבמה בהינף יד. הכוח הרב שבו הוא השתמש במשורה, כמכשף, יצר חוויה ייחודית של כאוס מהפנט, שבור אך שלם"
שני תמר | ישראל היום

OTOTO is a Co-production between Castle in Time Orchestra and the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

A 1-hour piece for 2 orchestras, playing music in a circle, creating an imaginary futuristic tribe.

Composer Matan Daskal uses a sign languish inspired by "Soundpainting" which creates a hybrid between dancing and conducting, allowing a live improvisation with the musicians, converting the stage into a vibrant arena with unexpected behaviors. As in the previous pieces of Castle in Time Orchestra, the computer player sends his tentacles and manipulates all the acoustic instruments during the concert-giving them a dynamic electronic timbre. OTOTO contains extraordinary virtuosity solos which bring out the individual players, alongside mass group moments of a wide and big orchestral color.


The piece is breaking down the word OTOTO, as it sounds and as it's written: The "O" represents long times, the breath, the open space. The "T" represents short times, the groove, repeated rhythmic events. Like the word, the piece is divided into 5 parts: O, T, O, T, O and ends with a surprising musical dialogue with an outer-space time traveler.

It was created thanks to the generosity of Mifal Hapais and Beit Avi Chai. Premiered in May 2018


Performed at Beit Avi Chai, International Exposure Festival in the Yellow Submarine, Barby TLV and Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre.


Matan Daskal and Shalev Ne’eman

Conductor: Matan Daskal / Oboe: Mariona Godia / French horn: Ofer Etzioni / Trombone: Ma'ayan Milo / Harp: Tal Vaknin / Computer: Asaf Meidan / Percussion: Shalev Ne'eman, Gonene Rosenberg / Synthesizers: Yonatan Daskal / Voice and composition: Chanan Ben Simon, Anna Lann / Violins: Anya Doulov, Marina Buchta, Aviel Sulam, Tom Mitnitzky / Cello: Raphael Kabukalo / Double bass: Ofir Ben Zayon / Graphic design: Efrat Solomon

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