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Soulty (2019)

Choreographer: Bosmat Nossan

In 'Soulty' the face becomes a mask, the voice turns into sound and body movements are decorative shapes. The performers do not express themselves through movement, they separate their selfs from it. They disconnect from facial expressions, movement and voice which usually act as mediators for inner feelings. The voice, the face and the shape of movement do not seek authenticity or manifestation of the individual but emerge out of the body as sculptural elements, costumes through which new figures are composed. Thus, they act as a medium that suddenly channels the voice of a spirit, a spirit that is not confined to an individual but is connected to the zeitgeist.

The sound is built in a surround style and contains 9 outputs.


Choreography: Bosmat Nossan

Dancers: Shay Kukui and Roni Rahamim

Production & management: Noa Lembersky

Soundtrack design: Matan Daskal

Dramaturg: Ido Feder

Light design: Omer Shizaf

Costume design: Kobi Swissa

The work is supported by Miffal HaPais and Israeli Department of Culture.

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