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Dood (2011)

Choreographer: Ella Rothschild

An independent site-specific production, visual art, dance and music performance. The performance took place in an old, empty building in Jaffa. The audience was invited from the street to watch the occurrence through the wide doors of the rooms.
This creation explores the relationship between the show itself to the public that was invited to see it. It examines the boundary between the old and the non-existent to the new and contemporary. The creation seeks one home for various disciplines (dance, visual arts, music).
The show provides a sense of glimpse to an intimate experience shared both by the dancers and the audience.
An old Building in Jaffa transforms to an alternative performance space.
The scenes are happening between different rooms in the house and the audience is invited to watch through the doors.

Choreography and text: Ella Rothschild
Talia Bec.
Musicians: Matan Daskal, Daniel Grossman.
Lighting: Yair Shiloch.
Yoav Atzmon.
Graphics: Alon Harris.
Videos: Amichy Bikovsky.
Photography: Yuval Hidas, Arale.

15.1 dood
15.2 dood
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