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Bird Wears A Gray Coat (2012)

Choreographer: Ella Rothschild

Dance piece for a dancer and two pianists examined the relationship between movement and sound. (Collaboration between Ella Rothschild and Matan Daskal).  The work was produced and developed by the Teiva Theatre, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.
This project brings together the different Media’s of music, dance, and text. The idea developed from a collaboration between a composer and a choreographer.
We tried to find a common concept that we can share between the fields.


In this piece, the Text, melody, and choreography twined into one another and have inspired each other during the process.
We tried to create visual images of movement and music that reflect situations in an imaginary city.

bird wears

Choreography: Ella Rothschild
Composer: Matan Daskal
Lighting: Omer Shizaf
Pianist’s: Matan Daskal, Netanel Fastman
Photo’s by Shaked Dagan

bird wears
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