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Clovers (2016)

A commission by Dr. Gidi Ifergan.


Clovers reflects personal narratives of the time when Gidi moved from his hometown to a boarding high school in Jerusalem. It is a piece in 3 movements. The first clover tells of youthful energy, and the excitement invoked by new beginnings in Jerusalem. It also illustrated his fascinating encounters with different physical and cultural landscapes. 

The second Clover, an improvisation, expresses a time of confusion and friction between missing home and adapting to the new environment. 

The third Clover is about the growing sense of integration Gidi experienced near the end of high school. This complex emotion is portrayed by the convergence of algorithm like music played by the guitar, the energetic eastern rhythm played by Indian tabla, and the Moorish melody played by the cello.

Released in Cala records in the album: Down Celestial Avenue

Composer: Mata Daskal / Guitar: Gidi Ifergan / Tabla: Yehonatan Gitelman / French Horn: Tsviki Moran / Violin: Daniel Zinn / Cello: Mayu Shviro / Recording and mix: Omer Zussman

5.1 clovers Down Celestial Avenue
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