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Flood (2016)

Choreographer: Ella Rothschild

Flood reveals the story of an individual who survived the day after a big disaster when there are almost no remains from the world she knew before. Flood displays a visual picture that allows a moment to reflect on a new, lonely reality. The audience can ponder about the possibility of finding themselves in this reality. The show creates a connection between the visual fantasy of “the end” and the fear from this moment. The creation seeks for a direct link between our behavior and our habits to the extreme changes in our environment.
The connection between the two artistic languages of Nivi Alroy and Ella Rothschild creates a dark world that reveals a tragic truth.

A collaboration with the artist Nivi Alroy.

Flood is a multidisciplinary solo piece.

Premiered at Intimadance festival 2016, Tel-Aviv, and in a site-specific event in Kelim | Choreography Center.

Creators: Ella Rothschild, Nivi Alroy
Choreograph and dancer: Ella Rothschild
Video, objects, drawing and set: Nivi Alroy
Music: Matan Daskal
Costume design: Michal Hidas
Light design: Omer Sheizaf
Photos: Gadi Dagon / Yuval Hidas
Video mapping: Yaara Nirel
Postcards: Yoav Barel / Yuval Hidas
Art: Zohar Shoef

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