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Aye Aye Captain

Choreographer: Tom Weinberger

“Aye Aye Captain” is an absurd piece. It is based on a thirty three page script and includes ten performers, ten microphones, and three pieces of music.


It moves between a rehearsal and a performance of a hybrid dance-theater-play. We build and demolish castles of drama one time after another. Over and over again.


We have a host and a ghost, an old man by the sea, and someone who used to be a dreamer. We dance to the sound of the theremin and hold hands with an assortment of cliches and universal fears.


We inhale, we sing, we wait for the music to save us.

Choreographer and directorTom Weinberger

Dancers: Tanzluzern

Original composition and sound design: Matan Daskal
Photo: Ingo Hoehn

Aye Aye Captain
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