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Rapunzel is stuck on the slide (2015)

Choreographer: Ella Rothschild

Sound and light installation and performance
A blue slide stands in the middle of the Bat Yam Promenade, with a center like a turret and slides emerging from its sides like pipes. During the festival, the slide becomes the castle where Rapunzel is held, prisoner. Her only way to communicate with her surroundings is through her voice. Passersby are invited to listen to her song through the blue slides and watch what’s happening inside through the round windows (the slides). Through the slide and Rapunzel’s story, a new event provides an alternative meaning to the slide and the narrative.

The sound installation turns the slide into a huge didgeridoo with 8 outputs, resonating  spatially.


Choreography and Performance: Ella Rothschild
Flute, Tenor Saxophone: Rachel Mazor
Vocals: Abra Ensemble
Composer: Matan Daskal
Lighting­: Omer Sheizaf
Props: Irena Segal

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