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Gee (2017)

A live sound sculpture for harp & computer. A sound field that allows diving into a frozen picture. The harpists play a durational sequence while it is tuned to the Bayat Maqam (quarter tones). She has a communication language with the computer player that operates a set of effects on her that hatches from 8 loudspeakers, floating with ropes a few centimeters from the floor and around the audience, moving like a thick cloud in space in a 3-dimensional way from speaker to speaker.

Was created in a residency in MASH center funded by Mifal Hapais.

Premiered in Israel Festival 2017,

Performed at the Jerusalem Theater, the Karnaf Theater Jerusalem & at Shamans of Sound Festival, TEO.

Upcoming concert:

Composer: Matan Daskal

Harp: Tal Vaknin / Computer: Asaf Meidan

Art director: Tom Love / Graphic design: Efrat Solomon

Video: Malu Zayon,  Shalev Ne'eman

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