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Polly & the Crackers (2011)

Every person secretly dreams of being a rock star, Rock’N’Roll being the rawest form of energy unleashed. It is the eternal rebellion confined in three chords. 
Four guys get the chance to unleash their fantasies on stage. They bang their heads against the myth of rock, play live music, rival each other for domination and ultimately break up. 
The audience is seduced to watch a rock show but then discovers the hood was lifted from the engine and the machine lays bare, exposing masculine power dynamics, the body language unique and obligatory to rock and their own fantasies deconstructed.

Premiered in Curtain Up, Suzanne Dellal Center, 2011

Choreographer: Osnat Kelner

Choreography: Osnat Kelner

Performed by: Ariel Cohen, Matan Daskal, Idan Porges, Daniel Sapir
Composer: Matan Daskal, Daniel Sapir
Costume Design: Nadav Fink
Lighting Design: Uri Rubinshtein
Photos: Tami Weiss, Asaf Einy

Matan Daskal - Osnat Kelner
16.4 The Sad Little
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