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Sound Shadow (2023)

Under the seats of the audience, are placed 12 subwoofer speakers facing upwards. The frequencies heard from them are not direct frequencies, but indirect frequencies, blocked by the tribune they are sitting on. This is a phenomenon called Sound Shadow, caused by the absorption or obstruction of a sound wave by an object in its path. The effect produced is perceived as a reduction in loudness depending on the observer's position with respect to the sound source and obstructing object and is greatest when the three are aligned.


From the stage, a pair of horn speakers are hung from the ceiling.


The sound work is an interaction between the speakers that are placed under the audience and the horn speakers placed in front of them.

A big thank you to Itai Doron, Erez Maayan Shalev, Yonatan Daskal, Amit Lavie, and Daniel Grossman

Concept and composition: Matan Daskal, performed by Castle in Time Orchestra
Additional music: Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1,
Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air


The work was commissioned by A-Genre Festival 2023 

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